CrossFit WOD, May 12, 2021

December 12, 2022
CrossFit WOD, May 12, 2021



2-3 Sets
25ft/direction Banded Monster Walk
25ft/side lateral band walk
20 Banded Glute Bridges
5/side SA KB Front Squat
:15/ Side Star Plank
5 Hamstring Walk-Out
5/leg empty bar front rack lunge w/ 1s pause before lowering knee (5 one weak leg, rest 30s, 5 on strong leg)
3/leg with some weight added, no pause (again 3 on weak leg first, rack for 30s, then 3 on other leg)
Build to opening weight

COACHES: While you are having them do their empty bar set, lets focus on a couple of points:
• Make sure legs are squat width, no tight rope!
• Keep eyes, elbows, and chest up
• Push through Mid Foot of the front leg – the front leg should be doing most of the work on these reps – look for pushing off with back foot, sim to box step ups. If they are going so heavy that this is happening, have them drop weight and clean up mechanics.



Front Rack Lunge (Find a 5/5RM in 15:00; Rest 90s between legs)

Front Rack Lunge (10/10, 8/8, 5/5, 5/5; rest 90s between legs)

Build each set to a tough set of 5/5 for the day.

If front rack is limiter, let's opt for Dual DB Reverse Lunge or Single DB or KB Goblet Squat Reverse lunge.

Specific Prep

1 round
5 jump squats
3 burpees
5 single DB front squats
3 burpees
5 Dual DB front squats
3 burpees



Disfrutar (Time)

For Time: [HARD TIME CAP 10:00]
Dual DB Front Squats (35/25)
Lateral Burpees over DBs

OPEN (RX+): Dual DB FS (50/35)
• GOAL TIME to complete 4:00-8:00
• Today’s metcon is an all-out race. Every set of squats should be unbroken. The ONLY goal is moving fast and maintaining GOOD POSITIONS…so choose a weight that meets BOTH criteria for you today.
• We would much rather see you go to air squats and burpees in place than have a heavy load that they are grinding through today. So, modify for the "SPRINT" feeling today.

Disfrutar (BUILD) (Time)

For Time: [HARD TIME CAP 10:00]
Single DB/KB Goblet Squats (35/25)
Lateral Burpees over DB

Cool Down/Stretch

Mobility [49-60:00]
Slow spin on bike 2-3:00
90s Barbell Adductor Stretch
• during stretch move from one side to the other and create a little side bend and hold while accumulating time in stretch
1min Barbell Foam Roll Thoracic Extension
• Foam roller in thoracic with arms extended overhead holding barbell while in supine position
1min Scorpion Stretch (each side)
30sec Thread the needle stretch (each side)
1min pigeon pose (each side)


MURPH PREP #14 (6 Rounds for reps)

Running Repeats (7)
6 x 400m run
Rest 1:00 after each
Accumulate 2:00 of side plank per side
Accumulate 2:00 of plank on rings
Dropping our rest down 1 minute this week, keeping distance and intervals the same

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